Rapid Production, No MOQ’s Stand-up Pouches


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  2. Choose your material (white, clear, or metallized).
  3. Choose your finish (glossy or matte).
  4. Optional: add a resealable zipper.
  5. Optional: add a hang hole (round or euro).
  6. Choose the quantity you need.
  7. If you have multiple art SKUs choose the quantity of SKUs and don’t forget to input the quantity for each individual SKU.
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  9. If you need help with graphics, take advantage of our in-house design service!

Download an Illustrator Die Line for graphic design guidance!

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If you have multiple items you’d like to order but they are different sizes, simply follow the steps above, add to cart, and repeat for different bag sizes and specs!

Rapid Production, No MOQ’s Stand-up Pouches

Packaging is paramount to branding and product protection. Flexible packaging has been on the rise and is the most flexible form of packaging for a variety of reasons! It’s lightweight structure and flexible nature allows you to fit more products per box and with a reduced weight when compared to boxes or other hard containers. Stand-up pouches are equipped with an expanding bottom gusset allowing them to stand by themselves on a shelf. They create their own shelf presentation, for heightened product visibility, that will help you stand out from the rest. Interested in hanging your bags? Add the hang hole option for easy product display. They perfectly adjust to the product inside, help to reduce waste, and are pliable for easy storage. These top-of-the-line materials will help to keep your goods safe and protected from moisture, oxygen, light, and smell. Using zippers will create a re-sealable packaging to be opened and closed as much often as you’d like. Multiple SKU's of the same size & specifications can be combined to meet the MOQ. If combining SKU quantities towards an order MOQ, there is a $125/SKU fee for each additional SKU.  
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