What Are My Options for Cannabis Custom Packaging?

Have a great product idea and are ready to move to custom cannabis packaging? Or you have your cannabis item(s) in something, but the packaging needs to be upgraded? Want your packaging to stand out more on the shelf as the cannabis industry continues to be very competitive and shelf space in dispensaries is at a premium?

All these are great reasons to consider custom cannabis packaging in quality Mylar bags. These pouches are made from quality materials that withstand light, odor, moisture and more, making them an ideal option. They work for cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, joints/smokables and tinctures and rubs

Here are the ways you can customize your cannabis packaging:

Cannabis Product Display Style

  • Stand up pouch
  • Lay flat pouch

Packaging Materials

  • Metallized – Provides a metallic inside and shimmering, reflective finish on the outside
  • Clear – Used for pouches with clear product windows to see what’s inside!
  • White – White interior with colors that POP on the outside
  • Recycled materials available


  • Gloss – Creates an outside surface finish with a sheen
  • Matte – Creates a smooth, flat finish with no shine – perfect for a classy and bold appearance
  • Specialty and holographic materials and laminates


  • Single use/tear open
  • Resealable zippers for multiple uses
  • Child resistant zippers

Top of Packaging Bag

  • Sombrero style hang hole
  • Round hang holes available for shelf storage


  • Standard packaging bag sizes range from 3.25″ x 4.5″ to 12″ x 12.5″
  • Custom size packaging bags also available


  • With or without a clear window
  • Rounded corners available

If you need it, CannaZip also offers custom printed labels as well as packaging with custom boxes, cartons and display cases for your cannabis product. Choose from a variety of custom sizes, shapes and designs, including a multitude of embellishment options. From vape cartridge boxes, concentrate boxes, variety packs and custom product displays, CannaZip can do it all.