Is There a Company that Specializes in Custom Printed Packaging?

Packaging for the cannabis industry is much more involved than regular packaging. Not only does it have to be child resistant, and not have graphics or a design that appeals to children, there are also extensive labeling requirements.

It’s best to work with a company that has extensive experience with custom printed packaging in the cannabis industry. Here are some of the aspects they will be familiar with.

  • Is there required information that will change each time and needs to be done with a sticker instead of being a permanent part of the label?
  • Is there more than one “serving” in the package? If so, it will need to be resealable and continue to be child resistant.
  • If it’s designed to be single serving, it needs to state on the label that “This package is not child-resistant after opening.”
  • If it’s edible, the packaging needs to be opaque.
  • You need to include a  generic name identifying the product
  • You must have the Universal symbol (in California) that states the items within have include cannabis
  • For manufactured products – the amount of THC/CBD per package
  • For edibles and concentrates – how much THC and CBD per serving, and what the serving size is
  • Any other cannabinoid that makes up 5% or more of the total cannabinoid content (if labeled after testing)
  • Weight/Volume shown in both metric and U.S. customary units
  • “Contains” and a list of any major food allergens
  • Artificial food colorings (if applicable)
  • Lot or batch number 
  • Date of manufacture/packaging
  • Expiration, Use-by or Best-by date
  • If the THC concentration is more than is available amount for sale in the recreational market, it must be labeled “For medical use only”.
  • Cannabis product government warning statement 
  • Ingredients in order from most to least by weight or volume
  • How to use directions and any preparation that’s needed
  • Applicable refrigeration notices
  • Manufacturer name and contact information 
  • Sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, and total fat per serving in milligrams/grams
  • UID number
  • Licensee name/phone number or website (licensed cultivator or licensee)

Also, the company doing the custom printed packaging will know if this pertains to you – Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide a “clear and reasonable  warning before knowingly and intentionally exposing anyone to chemicals that are known to the state to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

What can’t be included?

  • Unproven health claims
  • The words “organic” or “OCal” unless you are registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture or California Department of Public Health.